Our Repair Process

      1. Prepare estimate
      2. Owner signs repair authorization
      3. Insurance approval
      4. Parts ordered electronically
      5. Parts received

    Completion date given

      1. Vehicle scheduled for repairs
      2. Vehicle disassembled and re-inspected
      3. Supplement damage report written if necessary
      4. Supplement approved
      5. Additional parts ordered if necessary

   Customer updated

      1. Vehicle set on unibody repair equipment
      2. Structural body repairs
      3. New panels installed and checked for proper fit
      4. Corrosion protection re-applied to repaired areas
      5. All metal work inspected, initial tests done

   Customer updated

      1. Vehicle prepped, primed and blocked
      2. Masked and taped, placed in paint booth
      3. Chemically cleaned and tacked
      4. Vehicle undergoes multi-step refinishing process
      5. Re-assembly, wheel alignment, air conditioning, detailing, final inspection, and test drive
      6. Interior/Exterior Deep Car Wash 




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